Thursday, April 17, 2008

More about my myself.

Hi all,
I'm a newbie when it comes to blogging - and I'm not the most frequent user of blogs etc either - this sounds good doesn't it.-NOT.
Anyhow, I will try this out, see how it works and how I can use it to learn more about things that interests me.
I have two topics I want to explore more:
1 - Voluntary work
I spent 3 months in The Gambia in 2006 doing voluntary work, for the Norwegian charity, Ebo Towns Venner (eng; Ebo Towns Friends) I had a dream since I was 3-4 years to do that and I need to say - the experience where even better than I hoped! So really hope I can go back and do the same again. Today I just do a few things for them, like updating the website, unfortunately it's not updated in English, which I hope to get more time to do.
Time will show - anyhow I left IBM here in Ireland some weeks ago, partially to get more time to do things I like to do - as voluntary work.
At the moment I also do voluntary work for St. John of God here in Dublin, I visit a house where 4 people with special needs live, do things with them. Really nice!

2 - Sales and marketing
Most of my working life (no, I know it's not that long but...) I've been working in health or educational sector - but always had some IT responsibilities.
When I moved to Ireland in 2006, I thought it was perfect to work with something else than I did the last 10 years - so I got a job as first line support in IBM, it was interesting and I liked the work but not the working hours. After some months I wanted to explore new positions, I applied for a sales role and got that. I found out that I really like the challenge around it but not sure if a big multinational company was the right place for me - cause I want to see effects more directly between marketing and sales.
Now for some months I partially work for The ASG Group, I do all kinds of stuff from websites, accounting and other general admin stuff - really interesting.
The ASG group are specialists in sales and marketing, using their own developed methodology.
So it's a perfect way to learn more about sales and marketing as well.

Anyhow, I now have more time for doing things I want, walking our dog Shiva, if it's nice weather I do have the possibility to go out for a break - and lately it's been some beautiful days here in Dublin.
I also have the flexibility to go back to Norway more often, which I really appreciate.
Unless I win in the lottery, I wont have this perfect life situation for long though, but I will enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Now you know a little more about me...

Bye for now.

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